Tuesday, November 30, 2004

MSN Web Messenger

Good Idea for all you MSN users Well Ive gone through knowing people and using different Instant messenger ICQ, Yahoo etc but now I think Im firmly established on MSN and I thinkthat might be a wider consensus too. So heres a great tool for when your in Uni/School/College/Net Cafe etc. MSN Messenger without the software!

Life is unable to be eloquently expressed very often so Music does it for me

Hey Guys well Ive been really adventuring right now, adventures of the heart but also adventures in life outside my self. And Im still thinking about the things and new things that normally I would blog about but I would not be being productive unfortunaly to my Uni work which needs to take precidence and I cant unfold my life and thoughts to you right now because of time, and also the feeling that things are in the process if you get what I mean so the best way of blogging to you right now is letting you know whats rocking my audio world, well I downloaded the free single of the week by Brett Dennen from iTunes Music Store and I would definatly recommend checkin out Dester Sunrise which is the only song Ive got but its cool, kind of Damien Rice crossed with Josiah Gillespie (you know your a rock star Bo). Also Kanye West is till kicking out the Jams for me, I'm also surprisingly chilling to some World Music which is always the aisle I run past in HMV but check out Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby (Ambient Mix) and 1 Giant Leap - Dunya Salum if you are interested. By the way Im checkin this by seeing my "most played" playlist in iTunes so another would be "breathing the Breath" by Matty R such a cool song not run its course in speaking to me yet. Anyway music speaks to my heart and I think theres something about music that sets it apart for God as far as everyone says worhsip is more than music which is true but I think theres also something really special about Music. Gotta love it!

Sam Rich: Soul Survivor Seminars Available to Download

Sam Rich: Soul Survivor Seminars Available to Download This is cooll, I think they should do t for worship meetings too!

Monday, November 29, 2004

iTunes Store

Ive officially become partiaslly legal, I signed up to the iTunes Music store to download a track 79p. This is a new recolution I would agree but I think theres something about buying a CD and owning it, maybe Im just being materialistic but what happens when you delete a file it would be literally costly. SO I think itll be for the odd track then check out iTunes Music store but when you want an album then CD's are the way to go check kelkoo for price comparisons or CD WOW for consistently cheap prices but if your looking for more underground things then Kelkoo is the place to go as it searches CDWOW Play Amazon and a bunch of other places I never heard of, I got one of my Uni books from there it found it £10 cheaper in some german store online....sweeet Bargains, hehe! Happy Consumerism.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

H&M, you unfaithful dog you

Well today my heart was broken as the excitement of H&M opening in Aberdeen, but shock horror no mens dept. I thought H&M had come to save me from the outrageous prices for nice clothes in GAP but no, well frankly that sucks, I did hear a rumour though that it was getting a menswear dept in 6months so heres hoping I spose.

Exetentionalism in Starbucks!

Hey, Well allow me a moment/post to brain dump....Im sitting downstairs in Starbucks just now drinking a nice Venti Americano, steamed milk with a shot of vanilla basically just a whole lot of coffee which as we all know is filled with caffeine which Ive previously posted about so in light of that this may be the caffeine talking but sometimes I have an out of situation experience (in contrast to an out of body one)basically widening my perspective then right here right now. But anyway Im having one right now and just stepping back realising how fortunate and glad I am that Im in Aberdeen, listening to Frank Sinatra singing Christmas songs at a mood setting level, drinking coffee in starbucks and reading pretentious academic studies into linguistics in pre-typographic cultures (you know Id tell you what it meant if it was important but it really isnt) for an essay I have to write. Anyway had a relalisation that Im a long way from home (about 700 milesish) on my dinner break from a job in a handmade cosmetics shop (now thats just surreal) Anyway to cut to the point we can really take life for granted (bear with Im really trying not to turn this post into a "aren't we so lucky we live in the west and God has really blessed us" even though those things are true, this is something a bit more genuine just that we can often pootle (if thats even a word and if thats how you spell it if it exists) along in life without acknowledging Gods Faithfulness in all the steps to where we are and I think that requires something more than just being thankful it requires something more worship with our lives, their direction and purpose, and worship with our lives is life to the full, lives of sacrifice and saying our lives are for Gods Purpose not our own...you know what Im not sure where this is going but basically the point is Gods so so good and just that he put the stars in the skies but also wants to be in relationship with us. Ok by the way 10 points for anyone who can spot the caffeine wearing off anywhere in that.

Psalm 51

I was playing Bible Bingo this morning as I lost my place in Ephesians and as we speak shopuld be rushing to my anthropoogy lecture but anyway I turned to Psalm 51 because I noticed v10-12 were highlighted but I read the whole psalm and what a prayer it is, it was exactly what I wanted to pray, so check it out here, God is a God of Grace.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Too Busy to post!?

Sorry I really cant post just now too busy living life Id love to tell you stuff in my head and around me so Ill summarise the last few days but I cant expand so allow me to leave Nerdville for a second, coz life is busy and good...mostly. Sunday was good at church and I ended up staying over at Stu and emelies on sunday nite which was great to spend some "quality" time and then I went for a walk on the beach which was cool just to be in a beautiful place but then I fell in a river trying to get back and had to borrow shoes and trousers from Stu. Then Monday was a work filled day, followed by another day of lectures which was interesting as far as the content goes, but another time for that. Anyway today I met Forbes and Stu for lunch and consequentially starbuck to top up on a caramel machiatto then I went back to the church for a scary feat of climbing in to the roof of the church with Stuart I was officially the first person who goes to the church to go in there woohoo for heights, it was soooo scary but I loved it in retrospect. Anyway made no sense, well sorry life is for living and right now sleeping so I can get up and work on Uni stuff so I can then go to work.

My Actual Sister Site

Hey Guys well, what are the chances I mentioned a while a go about the sites that have spawned in some way in relation (check the links for details) but this is actually my great little sisters site. I feel well honoured she called it Byrnesy Jnr and that shes entering the world of Blog. Well Done sis...love ya, Liam Check it out here http://www.hayleybyrnes.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I would like the read the following....

I would love to read the following blogs that dont exist....yet 1) John Gillespie (soon to be Dr) 2) Stuart Fyvie 3) Miriam Hartley 4) George Bush 5) Jake Gillespie 6) Oliver Foot 7) Jesse Foot 8) Jesus Christ 9) Satan (just some strategic info would be handy) 10) Mark Davy 11) Emelie Fyvie 12) The Girls (you should write one together) 13) Forbes Nicholl (Snr) 14) Lisa Simpsons 15) Lucy Bersey 16) Pete Kessells Im glad the following do exist John Gillespie (not close to Dr), Morgana Loze, Bo, Sam Rich, Andrew Jones, well thats it, there the ones im checkin right now or indirectly checkin through RSS, if you ever happen to decide to start a blog leave a comment or mail me!

Lindsay Espie is 22...

Lindsay Espie is 22!! Happy Birthday...Heres a photo from Saturday where we all went over from right to left - Lindsay Espie, Mark, Kerry, Craig, Hannah, Emelie and Fyvie. We had an awesome cous cous meal sooo good! Then chocolate Fondu man thats good....although sickening! Also Mark and I went next door to borrow a bottle opener and ran away from the scaredness of being eaten by dogs. It was good to spend more time with Mark as well.

Not quite the end...

Well the end (of my 1st semester) is in sight in the calendar sense but work wise its gonna have to be crazy, but at the same time I really want to spend time with people before I go away for Christmas, Im really excited just to think of going to the states, tho it hasnt quite hit me and Im not letting myself think about it too much. Ive got 3 essays to do now which is do-able if thats even spelt right. Anyway today has been a day honestly that has lacked purpose just because I have been feeling like I did when I woke up this morning all day....what can you do, Im away to st combs tonight for bible study hopefully it will breath some life into me in both senses! Im listening to Jack Johnson right now though and Im quite happy with my sleepy slumber state as long as tommorow is real productive work wise. Anyway they are some truly irrelevant points about my day spurned partly from the fact I was feeling too eratic by the fact last week was muchos blog and now I havent blogged in about 4 days! Also I really like to read complete babble of other peoples blogs (that I know at least) so heres me giving a little back...ha.

Friday, November 19, 2004

The Return of the Snow...The Adventure continues

Well I thought yesterday was snow but Oh no I was wrong this is snow!!! By the way a little note is thatIm not pulling some dodgy pose there I have a snowball in my hand, no really, ok your just gonna have to believe me! Check it out real big time snow, pretty awesome, I had snow ball fights with Frazer brown for those of you who know him and then we went touristy sightseeing around our very own Uni!!! Snow Rocks but Im very cold! Check out the album of photos here because I couldnt pick just a few I put all of them up, and I took some not too bad ones even if I do say so myself with my 0.1 megapixel bad boy. By the way also theres two pages so click on the 1,2 on the bottom right of the page Oh also you can see a thumbnail slideshow here if you want too! The number of options must be overwhelming. Oh by the way if you've never used my Fiwishop photo gallery then basically click on the photos to get into the file then click again if you want a full size one to save on it, and also there are loads of different gallerys so click on the link to the right to check out some photos for the last 2 years of my life!....PS Just as a final plug I liked this photo.

St Combs Community Church

When I came to Aberdeen I knew it was important to find a church, and well I went to this church the 1st sunday I was in Aberdeen just to go to church on a sunday and thought Ill just come here this week and Ill find a church later this week or something, but then I came here! Apart from the great advantage of knowing people before I came, so it felt more like family and being in community (which is basically what church is) I really loved the peoples hearts for their community outside the church, their community inside the church and just their passion for Jesus. Ive now been for a couple of months and I feel that I will probably be here until something happens as far as God giving me biblical style signs to go somewhere else. Anyway Im loving St Combs Community Church, its about 40 miles outside of Aberdeen which is crazy as I was travelling about 28 to get to Grace in Cornwall, but there is something of God which resonates with who he has made me to be here with the whole ethos of the church and I love it. Also these photos are a bit like those Where's Wally things I could never do, see if you can spot me! (this requires you to have exhausted all your free time watched all your DVD's with Commentary from everyone including the guy who got the water for the celebs)

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Snow for the first time since Ive been here in Scotland, well it was a really cold day at least we got some cashback! Woo Snow, Yeah it was only like 10 minuites but it was a right blizzard! And probably constituted at least a decade of snow fall in cornwall! I was excited anyway. Dont ask me what kind of face Im pulling in either of those photos! Shockin....We've had some pretty not great westher up here but I kind of love all that stormy stuff check this out Miriams stuck on an Island (other than the one she live on!!!) coz of all the bad weather

God is calling us

Ephesians 4:29 - 5:2 29Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 30And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. 5 1Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children 2and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. How hard is this.....A guy called Rick led a house group on this tuesday night and Ive realised how much Id been under sold ephesians what an awesome book, he talked about this verse how Christians have Gods Spirit in them and everyone is made in his image....Im praying that God will really allow me to be refined into someone with integrity where and theres a scripture I can never remember where it is, please comment if you know! but it says "Set a guard over my mouth o lord, keep watch over the door of my lips let not my heart be drawn to what is evil" I only remember because it was a kids song I used to know but its a great prayer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bringing your day into perspective

Some Awesome Quotes, I hope they or even one affects you for the good today: "It is nothing extraordinary to be holy. Holiness is not the luxury of the few. Holiness is a simple duty for you and for me. We have been created for that." Mother Teresa "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." -pg 200; Wild at Heart - John Eldredge "But whoever is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with Him." God; 1 Cor. 6:17

Excessive Blogging???

Well I update my blog more than anyone I know and I know some full on proffesional blogs like tallskinnykiwi which gets like 20,000 hits a month but maybe thats because he is more selective in what he blogs,but why i blog is well firstly I love to talk and somethings you can only speak to certain people and sometimes I expect some of those people to check my blog, also I dont have a TV and so in a tiny room which has a bed some photos, books and clothes the Computer is used for Checking the news, email, music and basically everything that vaguely keeps me sane so it tends to be on all day therefore blogging also is a good processing tool for me and I hope some of the stuff is good for you guys too. Also I often have say 20 mins which really isnt long enough to study anything but long enough to write some stuff on here so anyway that is why I update my blog more than anyone I know!! So enjoy....!

Interesting Stuff #3

See what you think about this, if it goes over your head then dont worry it probably would have for me 6 months ago, but if it dosent it brings up some really interesting points, Ive been thinking about emergent church models, not so emergent churches (im completely not going to describe that to you) and then more traditional models of church and whether certain things are valid or what ever, what im not really explaining very well is Ive been thinking about how we do church is that is there a better way to worship in community I have come to 2 almost conclusions which really aren’t very helpful they are 1) Some new emergent church stuff is really beneficial to reaching out to the culture we find ourselves in and the fact that they are looking at how best to communicate to their culture while being bible believing is I think God honouring for want of a better phrase 2) Some of the old stuff while maybe to some irrelevant was still an expression of someone at sometime of worship to the same God and he never changes so how much can our worship to him fundamentally change?? Anyway this post was never meant to be about my thoughts on church so heres the post which in some parts really resonates with me and the one you really should be reading

Interesting stuff #2

An interesting look at devotional life for us in general with a note of Miriam the Hartleys are her whereabouts ! TallSkinnyKiwi: The Devotional Life

Braces....the sign of a good undergraduate?

Well Ive had these bad boy Dental engineering works goin on for 3 years now I started in 08/10/01 and now its well a long time since then, now Ive come to Aberdeen Im in Uni with Braces yeah thats cool, well Im over it but I do want to get these bad boys finished and over but it seems dental care and Aberdee just dont mix, but my nice german orthodontist found me someone in Aberdeen.....Dr Larmour at....wait for it Royal Aberdeen Childrens Hospital! At least its happening I spose, it will be sweet to get these done and off.

By Grace

Ephesian 2:4-10 (but it wouldnt hurt you to read the whole book its not too long and its awesome, its really rich with just incredible truths in it) 4 But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy,5 made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions--it is by grace you have been saved.6 And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus,7 in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--9 not by works, so that no-one can boast.10 For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Working, Dancing and living

Well after an evening off im back to work this morning, but Ive been thinking a bit about dancing in churches and the like, do we dance enough, will we dance in heaven, People say Music is just one form of worship and thats true but I think God has music placed in our hearts theres something special about music that connects with us, thats why so many people love it, what there actions and words cant express they can express through music or listen to someone express themselves, which they indcidently swap places with. But anyway back to dancing, We dont celebrate enough think of who we are, what God has done for us its awesome, "let the joy of the Lord be your strength", now thats not saying act like a fool everyday, but we've got a hope, something to trust in, now isn't that worth getting excited about and not being brought down by the "temporary trials of this world" Well thats a pretty irrelevant picture of my uni I took the other day, but why your being joyful please pray coz Im leaving Uni early to go to the states with John but I have 6 odd essays to do in 3 weeksish so I really got to get myself goin, but every essay drains me and I work really hard for it, well God knows and all I can do is work for his purposes and plans to be outworked, oh by the way heres another little outburst, a lot of people spend so long praying hiding in their rooms or churches praying and interceding for stuff, and that is awesome really it is I love the fact the UK church has had somewhat of a prayer revival but theres more, we've got to live out Gods will and purposes to be salt and light IN THE WORLD, not in our cosy Christian fortress'. We are Meant to Live this life!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

What will they think of next

Might be great but Im tempted to think its just more commericalisation...buy, buy, buy people your economy is at stake etc! home defib kit! -> DIY Paramedic check it out

Living for JESUS

Click on the picture for a clearer view

I know Ive posted this picture before, but its my background right now because its such an awesome photo, I was really tired last night but got to bed at a resectable hour and slept for 10 hours! But anyway before I went to bed I was feeling a little flustered that my essay was in for today (yesterday it was tommorow) and I hadnt actually typed it yet, anyway I just thought time to spend some time with the almighty, I was sitting at my computer praying and God just gave me freedom to be a wierdo, I went in my mind and stood on top of that peak and looked around I was free, and I was just worshipping God for the beauty and wildness of who he is, that hes calling us to adventure and to run after him and to stand for his name and everything it stands for. I also thought just coz im in a little student room in aberdeen doesn't mean im any further from God than I would be on top of that mountain so its time to have a good time of communion with God, that sounds like a really Christian word but I cant think of anything betterto describe when we meet with God, (side track: I know I hate the whole Christian vocabulary thing as well, but sometime just like the King James Version words can have deeper and truer meanings that any word that might be a bit more culturally relevant). We can so loose out in our walk with God when we concentrate too much on other things within Christianity like the whole Calvanism debate, church models, gifts of the spirit, these are all good things to think about but God wants us to be refined by him to know him and to walk with him, I wonder if we sacrifice our relationship with him sometimes when we run off getting too involved with Christianity? I think its time to be Jesus centred, people have been harking on about the end times for decades, centuries and the bible tells us we are never going to know when it is, so lets live life not "like" it counts because it does count. There is a great little saying from the guys at 24/7 Prayer, "live like it all depends on you, pray like it all depends on God" hope thats right coz Ive just remembered it but if its not then sorry 24/7 and I think its a good saying anyway. Let live for Jesus not just for new wave/movement ideas or the next "event".

If you tolerate this then your children will be next

Well that is a line from a classic band im listening to right now that really remind me of my younger days (I cant believe Im saying that Im only 19) but it does, The Manic Street Preachers you either get it or you dont Im afraid, But this is all I have as a remnant of a band I used to love (you know there gone when there Best of comes out!)

Sunday, November 14, 2004

drink Kia Ora Look how happy it makes me!

Thats right fokes, Ive officially become commercial, selling out to publicize the awesome Kia Ora Mixed Fruit Squash for 82p but one get one free affectionatly called BOGOF in the supermarket trade! But this stuff is great I bought it on a whim (basically coz it was cheap and tasted different to water) and its awesome stuff, Buy now consumers you know you want to!

Lord Groovy - An Evening at the Zoo

I have this great album from Jesse the foot, by Lord Groovy called An Evening at the Zoo, Ive checked arounf the net as I cant find album art, track names or even a sign of existence, they are musically a really good band so I cant believe that they would have passed unnoticed, email me if you stumble across any sign of them on your travels

Search for me on Google

I have this tool on the blog which tells me how many individual visitors come to the site. it also tells me which website they came from and if its from a search engine it tells you what the search was that people found you under, someone today found me under the search "All the empty claims Ive heard upon this earth" hehe I dont what that says about my blog other than the fact some of the posts have Matty Medleyman lyrics on them!

Back to Basics, Mission in the community

Taking it back to basics, Its good to remind ourselves what its all about now and again.... '>check it here

Interesting Stuff #1

Check out this Interesting post on Generosity (with a side lone on Keith Green Kareoke) this is just another way of looking at how economy could work maybe in utpoia without greed

For those of you who've known me for a few years will know I was well into my left politics a while back, well Ive come to the point now where its not really about left and right its about justice in a society where no body cares enough about other people to see life from their perspective whether thats economically linked or even linked to the fact that some people are so un-educated that they are un represented due to the fact they've got no idea they need to be represented. God is FOR justice, lets be his ambassadors (by the way that was a rant and has little/no relation to kiwi's post)

Im going to try to Change my Degree!!

Recently I have been strongly thinking about changing my degree WHAT I hear you say, well I wouldnt have applied to do this but since Ive been here the thing on my mind and my heart has been to really get into Gods Word, well Politics is great and I can also study this along side what I want to do which is Divinity, Some people I know do the course and I feel that it will much better equip me for what I feel God is calling me to do, I have discussed it with a few people up here and down in Cornwall, I also talked to my pastor up here in Aberdeen (well st combs really) and he is happy to add a facet of practical application and mentor me through it as well. Please pray that I follow Gods leading in this whole thing. I really feel this is an outworking of my huger to know more of God and to know his word....So Im going into Uni tommorow to discuss it with lecturers so pray that if its right god will open doors. Another Good thing is I can keep the credits Ive earned this semester! "Studying Divinity at Aberdeen involves a concentration on the study of Christian faith, life and doctrine in a historical, cross-cultural and contemporary context. It incorporates study and research in the following five areas: Church History, Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Practical Theology and Systematic Theology. There is also the option to study one or more of the ancient Biblical Languages as a route to understanding Biblical writers, thinkers and commentators in their original form. " The Department has produced notable scholars and theologians, such as John Forbes, George Campbell, William Milligan, William Robertson Smith, David S. Cairns and G.D. Henderson.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Open Mic Nite at St Combs

Open Mic nites in church, how very cool, well the guy the closest to the camera willie set it up and its was very cool. Some Classic tunes and people writing there own tunes for a church of about 100 in St Combs there are loads of really talented peeps. Its also a great time to get together and have a laugh also not to in your face so a great place to bring friends into the church For those of you who were up in Orkney, I did the card trick where you leave the card in their hand on the pastor it worked!! Also I played Simon by Lifehouse and Just the two of Us by Bill Withers and had a lot of fun playing with Stu Fyvie as well. Stu asked me to lead worship with him on Sunday so I am stoked because I had an awesome time last sunday.


I thought this photo from nepal of everest was awesome when I stumbled over it on my computer the other day, its from a trip Bill Kerr made last year. If theres such incredible design and our ability to percieve and appreciate beauty, how come we come from rocks....the argument that made no sense

early mornings or late nights!

Wo...its early in the morning and I wanted to get to bed at 9. 2 films in one night isnt bad! Man Ive gotta alot of work to do, hope your all sleeping well....such is Uni life I spose!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Old Firm #1

I watched my 1st ever Old Firm Game this evening the classic Rangers and Celtic and learnt that football is more than a religion or identity its everything up here! Anyway 2-1 to Rangers....and an interesting lesson in Scottish Culture! More info here

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Man, I wish I could write stuff like this #1

Check out this cool post courtesy of On the Road, the JG preaches it...check it out, Ill be blogging my thought on it but thats likely to not be put up for a while coz its gonna be long and I need to go write an essay or four!...so check it out

Work, Work, Work

Well I feel a little like I talk about it to much and dont do it so here goes im away to do some work! But firstly interesting thought I went to a cell group with my friend last nite, was a good time of prayer but everything else seemed really quirky, I guess its just more of learning what seriously feels like a new culture anyway, it was about dreams and Visions and examples were Moses and Abraham how God had given them visions but neither of them really got to see there vision come to fruition and I was thinking "man, that seems so unfair" coz I know I would love to see my visions come into being. But then I realised God wants us to sacrafice our dreams and visions coz there his plans not ours so eventhough there from God we have to sacrifice them to him, and trust his will will be done. Its not about our life, the world dosent revolve around us, our relationship with God or the things that we do. This isnt saying God dosent care about us, but he is bigger than our situation thats why he deserves our worship.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Friends Links

Just chucked up a new section on the right, links to the son and daughter sites of this one (not infering this is better than them as this blog was inspired by the discovery of another) well at least there existence is in the vague family line of this one! Whatever these Blogs are of cool peeps Ive had the honour of running the race with

Problems with Blogger

Hey there fellow bloggers and readers in this post-modern media ministry world of crazyness. Gooogles Blogger sometimes crashes and you can see of you are a regular reader of Byrnesy Blabberings or On the road by JG as they seldom load. Anyhoo check out status.blogger.com for more details when things dont go right. Also for other Blog writers Ive found republishing the blog often fixes it not unlike rebooting your computer can sometime fix glitches!

I discovered a new part of the library

Ok, so it wasn't that exciting, but everytime I went to study in the library I went to the ground floor desk tables (quickest costa access) and thought man theres a real lack of study area here sort it out! But then I was walkin into Uni at 7pm (yeah after hours shamone) with Fred not forestor (the singaporean...see earlier posts in the archive) and he was like "yeah man check the other 5 floors out there really quiet and you get a whole table to yourself" and I did (see the new title yeah thats on the 3rd floor) so much excitement! This also reminded me of a Louie Giglio sermon at SS a few years back when he talked about the hotel room, well for those of you who heard it you'll know for those of you who didnt it was basically (in reference to my library not the hotel room) saying that we often live our Christian lives on the ground floor being sold short with small study areas and nasty librarians (Jesse Foot is the best librarian I know for future reference for those of you in the St Austell area) but God wants you to check out the rest of the library if your bored with Christianity then check out the rest of the place its not about levels like in the library but we can get real stuck on the ground floor, and its a real shame coz when you go looking for more of God its always full of adventure and uncertainty which is much more exciting than mediocre safety and it means you can know God in a fuller way and with a better perspective, and I was challenged thinking about it how often can people who are maturer Christians (there must be a better term than that btw) get caught up with seeing the ground floor then checking out 1,2 and 3 when theres so much more, so keep chasing God too often we get too comfortable with our image of God and were gonna get quite the wake up when we get to heaven to find out God never fitted into any of our boxes. Run the Race guys!

Invisible Diseases!

Well I just had a test with an educational psycologist and apparently Ive got ADHD not dyslexia! Not really sure what that implies but I get a copy of his report so Im sure ill blog my new mental illness' only joking...Im fine, he said Ive obviously dealt with it fine my whole life until its been picked up by him.

For any of you who knew....

For any of you who knew I lost my folder with ALL my Uni notes in, God faithfully answered my prayers and I got it ack this morning, phew that was lucky (in the sovereign God sense)

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Not so short bulletin

Ive been away up to St Combs for the weekend, played in the band at church which was awesome, stayed at Jane, Emelies and Rachaels for the weekend, had a great time, God has been speaking to me about church as he has so much recently and Im gonna have to blog it some time or later, also I left a folder with all my notes in my politics lecture on friday in a rush to meet Fred Forester for coffee so pray I find that tomorrow! Apart from that this week is loads of work for me, more work than Ive done since back in the day in college, so pray I can apply myself to it. Also Steve Fortunato (or steve futurama as hes now nicknamed) is coming up from the Lifting this week for those of you that know of him and I would love to spend some time with him, but work is really my priority. I had a great weekend but im real tired so Im needing strength this week. Also I was coerced to play a slot at the churches open mic nite (I looked at the list and my name was on it!) and have to find a song to play....ideas leave a comment or email me! Anyway will expand more when I have time, but everything is going to be a bit crazy this week and living often takes up time over blogging. Heres a quick pic I took when wandering outside the girls house this morning waiting for the shower (Click on them for bigger versions)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Waking up freshness and de-headaching

I woke up this morning to a phone call on my mobile it was Local dentist offering me an appointment in february up here in Aberdeen in the private sector (yeah I have the money for that) by the way internationals the UK has this thing called the NHS I get National Insurance taken out of my wages to give me free health care while im a student apart from there are no dentists or orthodontists in Aberdeen...argh rant. Anyway this is turning into much of a longer blog than anticipated but what i was saying is it has given me a headache must have been waking up so quickly I dont know but for morning freshness and happiness listen to Hey Ya Outkast and Clarity John Mayer, 2 nice morning songs. Clarity has actually kind of bitter sweet for me as it reminds me of the days it would be coming out of Jakes room when Heavier things 1st came out. I miss the Gillespies and Byrnes all being together. Enjoy your day guys

Blogger went down!

Well, I joined Blogger after checkin out various other blog sites deciding that google are a good bunch as far as Internet Billionaire companies go, but I was reading about how people found it "a good beginner blogger" Well I am wondering after last night of online mayhem (which John had trouble with too sidetrack: check his new title) am I alreasdy out growing blogger wanting it to work all the time, well being a student Ive resolved not to venture into the world of non-free blogging until Ive unreded myself.

Time Zones

Hey Heres some random thoughts for your time of day.....I woke up this morning after sloppily blogging a couple of things thinking "No one is gonna be up later than me to see it Ill just sort it in the morning" But no Liam think about time zones man, What am I talking about, well I love reading comments on my blog (from my limited experience) czo im an interactive type of guy and my homepage is right here @ my very own blog kind of helps to remind me update it and stuff but anyway I found 2 comments on my blog from Arlen Check his blog here pointing out that I hadnt put the web address on my political compass post, this is true sorry guys in the US I completly forget that the world dosent sleep when I do, isnt it funny Ive been looking at world views quite alot in sociology and Anthropology and it makes you realise you live in quite narrow perspective even if you think you are well travelled or open minded, you just slip into your own world...Dont loose sleep guys


Hey Ever wondered where you come in the whole left/right communism vs conservatism thing. Also are actaully a liberal or more of an authortarian. Well Ive known about this site for a while, heres me (Up there) Ive moved quite more right than about 2 years ago when we all did it at the gillespies. Basically they ask you a bunch of questions and place you on this compass. Check out the famous compass placing hitler, thatcer and Reagen etc. Im closest to Ghandi, not paricularly proud of that tho. Then again Ive never seen the film (which inevitably will be an accurate representation of history as TV and the media dont lie) so I could be wrong.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Angelas Ashes in 49 words

7/10 I like films that show historical events from the perspective of somebody, like war films following one soldier etc, kind of makes history feel more real, and leads me to be captivated by photos of Aberdeen from 1904 in Wetherspoons where I went for lunch with Frazer today.

I hate RSS

Ok RSS officially does my head in for the last week Ive been trying to set it up and Ive set about 4 or 5 up and they just wont work....Oh well this cornishman will just stay behind the forefront of web technologies. Nevermind Ive just have to make the content good enough for you to check the page all the time!

The Spread of Communism??

Well as you can see the majority of states a red (just) thus indicative of the spread of communism, wait a minuite no that can't be right! Oh yeah The imcumbent GW is back on the throne (or whatever it is they have in the big off circual office) Its not confirmed and if it didnt happen just wait to see how quickly this post gets deleted but I think all along it was a pretty safe bet for Bush. Although whats all this contraversy the Gillespies have made in their current residence Ohio, (where Ill be spending Christmas...lets hope it over by then). Another interesting point for you is yesterday in my US politics lecture (what a great time to be studying it eh!) the proffesor (hes the important dude who you've got to listen to) Said that the next president will in most probability have to appoint at least 4 new Supreme Court Justices and the Chief Justice which is double the normal amount of appointments, this will set the Judicial and political mood on topics such as Gun Law and Abortion for the next decade at least. So be Praying for the government and remember Kerry Voters Paul said in Romans 13:1, "For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God."

US Presidential Elections 2004

Well Here I am at 2am, I dont whether this is detrimental to my studies for being up late or good for my politics course. Anyway Ive been well impressed with the BBC's cool macromedia interactive map. Im not saying who i'd vote for but I think I know how its gonna end....

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Free DVD Rental!

Well seeing as Ive got a month of essays ahead I decided to chill out tonight on my own and I took ou Angelas Ashes from the Uni Library (How great free DVD rentals!!) as I heard it was OK and im not in the mood for comedy or horror, so this seems a good middle way. Ill let you know if its any good.

Novembers essays galore!!!!!

Well I wasn't half lying when I said November was the month for essays! Check these bad boys out a deadline every week this month Due 7th November - Would you agree that the history of human production is one which societies have gained an ever increasing control over nature (Anthropology) Due 15th November - In what sense or senses might it be said that Human being's construct their environments. (Anthropology) Due 22nd November - Evaluate Louis Wirths claim that urbanism is a way of life. (Sociology) Due 28th November - How if at all are family circumstances and educational sucess related? (Sociology)


Im feeling particularly studious today as I just go back from the library doing some evening study and I had lectures and tutorials all day from 9 til 5!! Also got back and re-heated a pizza from the freezer that I made with ciabatta bread, Tomato Ketchup and the cheapest cheddar at Tesco Express down the road! (another culinary delight!), Yep well you;ve heard of the America Dream well this is the real student dream....apparently! Im sitting here listening to ColdPlay (Album: ARushOfBLoodToTheHead)which isn't depressing, its actually quite uplifting(I think ill add to my "listening list" Check it out on the right), its reminding me of times past (Oh to Reminisce on my long life at the age o 19!) and making me quite thankful for everything in between, also realising my life is such a testimony to Gods Faithfulness...how awesome, everything he speaks comes to fruition.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Pinch, Punch First of the Month!

The Start of a new month, the leaves have fallen and Im still playing around with the self timer on my camera and its another album art photo see the first one here, What will November bring thats the question, more essays that for sure, maybe a settling down to one particular church, getting to know some more peeps and getting to know the ones I do know already better! Also I really want to get into the word a bit more systematically than I have done this month as that was goin real well over the summer. Anyhoo have a good month!

Pasties from Cornwall

Last night I ate the last pasty that the Cornwallians brought up, mmm tasty I gave one to my flatmate and he loved it so some mail order pastys might be in order. (The side order of TK gives it that contemporary edge to the more traditional pasty) I do miss those vegetarian pasties as well, soo nice. Anyway get your own mail order pastys here if your not fortunate enogh to live Cornwall. By the way I was in politics talking to a french guy quite amusingly called Pierre (like all french surely!) and Cornwall or Cornuailles in french is the second most famous place in england to London!