Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Kooks, Musical tastes, Anger anyone?

I am becoming a bit of a fan for The Kooks, as a musician I want to see a little more in band than just staying in time with each other, what I enjoy about the Kooks other than imaginitive guitar playing, fun bass and brilliant drums is that they are pushing it a bit, genre wise they are everywhere and a good way. You get a good feel of their influences, and I swear the top gear theme tune is at the end of one of the tracks! Anyway I have a habit of hearing bands names, that start with "The" and then I just hear white noise after that because of the explosion of "The" bands and write them off, Well feel free to listen to the Kooks, a fun rock album. As I was listening to the Kooks this morning, I was thinking about how popular rock/indie (I dont claim to be able to tag genre very well) has changed, then I wondered whether it was just my tastes that had changed? Firstly though, I think rock has changed, evolved if you will, some more funky edges coming (see Maroon5) and even lines being blurred (LP/JZ -Collision Course). Secondly as I have branched out, and enjoy many different types of music (probably due to the lack of peer grouping in School/College, where you were labelled by your music) I've had to pitch my music tent in the middle a bit. So for example, I dont listen to quite so much (if any!) hard music that I used to listen to, this I guess is a combination of musical tastes being affected by becoming a musician, also the acceptability of certain music types in (Christian) social circles, and the fact they have a less anger probably (which is what most would like to attribute the lack of listening to, but Im afraid they all take a fairly equal part)


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