Friday, November 03, 2006

Truth, and Love, and Love and Grace, and Truth and Grace and Love

So....central themes to our lives and our walk with Christ clearly, but where do they exist, which aspect should be in primacy. I was reading alot of Christianity Today articles yesterday, and there was a comment mentioned that a new generation of Christians had grown up with Grace centred Christianity, instead of truth centred Christianity. I found it very interesting and wish I had kept the article and could link it. I grew up in an evangelical church which was called Grace, and it has always been an enforced (searching for a better word than that!) value in my mind. That the Gospel is Grace and God is Grace and all of these things. While I believe this to be true, and Grace is the liberating beauty that is the glory of God. I think many of us can be more graceful, or certainly more compassionate than God!? By this I mean that we can forfeit truth, for grace which in essence is a universal acceptance, of everything, which is not the central theme of God's Grace. Clinging to the Truth of the Gospel, always means a theology full of Grace, but clinging to Grace, does not always being truth...What do you think?, my cogs are turning on this one.


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