Monday, October 23, 2006

The Weekend

This weekend I watched the first disc of Prison Break due to not managing to see the 3rd episode of Lost (which Im watching tonight) and now mid writing this post Im realising what an American Drama watcher I must seem! But I was stuck in the house on Saturday as Rachel had the car with her mum for manicures and shopping day for her mums birthday and I had to take phone calls and write emails for work, so the backdrop for that was Prison Break....and my excuse for LOST can be tracked here. I also hooked onto Matisyahu this weekend, after a taste late on friday night, stumbling over it after watching the Killers Live Sesion at AOL I checked out Matisyahu, who is producing some v cool Reggae/Dancehall/Hip Hop - Check his AOL Sessions out here, I suggest King without a crown. If you heard this you wouldn't think he looks the way he does. He's a hassidic reggae artist, eg. An Orthodox Jew, a his story is pretty cool, he seems like a pretty sound guy and one of those you'd love to have a conversation with! John was on to this way before I was, but his post from last year seems to have dissapeared and the transfer of posts onto his new typepad blog seem to have gone as well! Oh well. You heard it here second...right! I spent a brilliant sunday afternoon with Rachel having lunch at a crappy cafe but right on the beach on a beautiful winterish day, looking out over the beach at people jumping waves on jet ski's which possibly looked like the most fun thing to do......and made me wish I had a few grand to blow on a jet ski! Also this morning (I guess not strictly the weekend but seeing as this is a post full of air I thought Id add it) I read this psychological typology assesment, and took the test, came out as an ENFP which then gave a scarily accurate break down of my personality. I dont normally like to be put into boxes but personality wise this pretty much has me pinned down, and makes some interesting comments, click here to see the breakdown


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