Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lost: Wow I missed this!

Well the Lost Series is back in full swing, 2 episodes in and Im already planning my week around the next one being released, and coming out in cold sweats when the downloads dont go correctly. I pride myself on being pretty into the show, having discussion with my fellow Lost wathcing locals (Rachel, Jane (the absent), Fraser (absently sunning himself while the 3rd season kicks in!), John (In Hawaii himself..but I suspect not watching LOST), and new member Leslie Stephen (purveyor of Lost episodes in Chief)! about the show, and all the details, but I missed this. JACK IS CLAIRE'S HALF SISTER, !!!! - READ HERE This excerpt from an interview with Terry O'Quinne (Locke) A: "I have no doubt that Claire is Jack's half sister. Trust me — the people that are creating this story do not throw (stuff) like that around lightly. He knocked on a door and a woman said, 'You're not being a part of her life. I want you out of her life.' People who pay really close attention to the show know that that woman is Claire's mother. And that's why Christian ended up going to Australia. That was put there for people to think that specific thing and so therefore I think that we will find out that that is absolutely true and in fact that her child is Jack's nephew. In my mind, this is a slam dunk! To find out they are actually related by the same father and they don't have any idea — after all their moments during the birth of the baby, is really great stuff!" Terry O'Quinn (Locke) UPDATE: Also here's a pretty comprehensive list of things still not answered in the Series 3 yet whic I grabbed from comments in lost review: First and most important, the numbers. I think alot of people have forgot about them. Second, the monster. Third, the mystery of what this island really is. Fourth, what the Darhma initiative originally had planned for this island and are these others taking that plan in a new direction. Fifth, the mystery behind Walt and the special powers he possesses. Sixth, why this island has "healing" powers, hence Sun is fertil again, Locke can walk, Rosemary doesn't have cancer anymore, etc. Seventh, if there is a link between all these losties, since they have all seemed to have crossed paths a few times right before the flight. Eigth, what Henry, aka "Ben", plans during or after the two weeks he mentioned to Kate in Episode 1 Season 3. Nineth, why was Libby in the mental institution with Hurley. Tenth, how will Desmond's ex girlfriend play into finding Desmond. If you remember, in the last minute of the Season 2 finale, two people out in some arctic area call her and tell her "I think we found him." Perhaps she is the key to their escape and how we will find out what this island really is. If its missing anything, then someone please add to the list here in the comments UPDATE 2: Here is a pretty convincing story in relation the numbers: The Meaning of the numbers


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