Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Music News Oct 2006

In Music News just now: - Coldplay is NOT retiring due to them all but one becoming parents, you'll be g lad to hear though they don't have plans to record the follow up for X&Y yet READ MORE - Yes, Jay Z is officially not retiring, and his new album is out in November including, the usual rockafella suspects: Kanye, Timbaland, Pharrell etc but also Chris Martin from Coldplay apparently. Jay Z is currently touring in support of Water for Life Foundation with the United Nations. Jau Z commented when questioned about his so called Retirement by EW "It was the worst retirement, maybe, in history, I believed it for two years." READ MORE - Switchfoot have a new offering coming out in December titled "Oh Gravity" check the cool artwork here, but have pre-released a song in the states available at the usual places online. READ MORE - Jeff's friends are in a new band that I think are pretty cool, and deserve to be big. Delta Spirit, Check out their MySpace for some songs or straight download them 1, 2 , website, Label site (for buying their EP, which is on its way to me right now!) and last but not least awesome video on youtube - Last but not least...err again The Killers - Sam's Town, their new album is OUT NOW, Get it at CDWOW @ £7.99


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