Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fujitsu - Dreaming of the Future

I often, probably fairly deservedly get comments that some of my posts descend into such Geekery that they are non sensical, using abbreviations and acronyms , so the following post has definitions in the forms of links on thw words you may be unsure of. Hows that for accesibility. At work right now I have a nice 17inch LCD Screen but at home my huge 19inch CRT screen takes up not just my view area but about a foot behind that too. Fujitsu have just proto typed a paper thin screen to the size of A5, as an ebook reader. But this will be the technology that in 10 years time our computer monitors will be as thin as booklets (including the casing for these paper thing screens). Read the prototype breakdown for yourself here at MacWorld


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