Monday, October 02, 2006

Conservatives: The Unrealism of it all!

David Cameron is in quite the predicament within his party just now. Hes worked on being the Conservative 2005 answer to what Tony Blair brough in 1997 if that makes sense. He's attempting to give the young charasmatic renewal to the Conservatives that Tony brought to the Conservatives. The only problem seems to be is that David Cameron is not standing in front of the same Nation that Tony Blair was in 1997. The UK in 1997 had been under the conservative hold and people were more than ready for change, New Labour presented through the media a perfect refreshing face for politics which called people to be optimistic about the nation and as they looked towards the 21st Century believe that Politics could be as fashionable as the world of show biz. Almost 10 years on the country seems much more desgruntled by a war they feel were dragged into by the USA and disenchanted with Politics in a way that any politics PR campaign would struggle to revive. The mounting pressure on David Cameron to come up with the Policy goods is a real error in my view (not that Im bothered about the state of the Conservatives election popularity) but for the Conservatives to commit to policy, especially tax cuts if they are announced are entirely unrealistic. They have no way of telling what the state of the nation will be by the time the election comes round, and trying to play a classic conservative move of the tax cut will not win the day in my opinion as Gordon Brown has already ensured that this middle ground is covered, and a few waivering middle England voters wont be swayed, well heres hoping anyway!


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