Thursday, September 07, 2006

Office Madness and somewhat Genius

My Office Madness: Sometimes when theres nobody around in my office for more than an hours, I have conversations with myself, such as this one: "Hmmm...Paper Clips are actually a pretty good idea now I come to think about it" "I wonder how someone thought of twisting thin metal to create tension with itself without damaging the document it held" "Who came up with this Genius thing!" I the travel to Wikipedia, and wait like an injured baby seal, now returned to health, being let back into the wild......... and No, there is no clear answer, BUT the redeeming fact for me (As I claim half Norweigen descendence) is it could well have been norweigen and stood as a sign of unity and resistance against the Nazi invaders during WWII. I also happened across this very cool story, which passed me by while it was going on, but reminds me of the guy who took and fridge around Ireland and of Dave Gorman's GoogleWack adventures, thinking about it, it could actually have been Dave Gorman who took the fridge around! HERES THE GENIUS THING ONE RED PAPERCLIP Theres a sermon in there somewhere...if you are so inclined towards sermons.


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