Friday, July 21, 2006

Going Home from London

Today I have a feeling very much like the feeling you get as a kid where school is coming closer at the end of the summer holidays, a feeling of inner dread from coming home from what has been an awesome holiday. Rachel said yesterday it feels like we had three holidays with the first for Jakes wedding with Mark Davy, the second at home with my mum the third here in London. So We fly home tonight at about 7pm and thats the end on Monday Im back to work and the relatively cooler climate of Scotland.Yesterday I went to the Apple store in regent street, Apple's only retail store in Europe, and was like a kid in a playground, I couldn't take it all in quick enough running around looking at Macbooks, eMacs, iPod Stereos was all too much! More about that later anyway.. Another enjoyable moment about being in London is the existence of that all cheap store for girls H&M, has a mens section in London and so I indulged in buying a couple of jumpers (in the hottest period in the UK for around a decade!!!) I also got my name in the London paper the evening standard while I was here for only two days. On the bus home from Leicester Square we got collared by some journalists and I got a quote. You can read the evening standard online. See page 8 for my quote! So more about the random stuff while on holiday later, but sitting here in the flat in London Im really grateful for the oppurtunity to have been so many places and seen so many great people in such a short period of time.


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