Friday, June 16, 2006

Changes...lead to lack of blogging

Well my exams are finally over and an amazing God given oppurtunity came along for a great job. Its in Aberdeen so Im still commuting from st combs for 3 hours but its basically working for an offshore oil contractor. We supply offshore personnel and I basically co-ordinate that working with the management of the company. It'll be a really great thing to put on my CV and is teaching me alot about multi tasking, seismic geological surveying and many other things. Its in a beautiful edwardian building and Im on the top floor in a really nice business area of Aberdeen. The pay isn't bad either so hopefully it'll go someway to paying off that big student overdraft I've stacked up. The Airport signal on my laptop has been down too, which also accounts for the lack of blogging, though when I get paid Ill fix that. I also just recieved a Master's dissertation on ecumenical unity, basically missional stuff between churches so if I get round to reading that on my commute Ill be writing my thoughts on the subject too.


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