Friday, May 05, 2006

Today is a wierd day

Today is a wierd best friend (so much so that he's just brother really) left today, went back to cornwall after 8 months here, it was a wierd leaving, not necessarily bad, just wierd. There was lots of talk about him not leaving, and possibilities of him staying so I didn't really know what to expect and so didnt rise my expectation in either direction, then last night I contained myself with the busy-ness of having an ad hoc leaving party, then this morning blearry eyed watched as he drove up the hill leaving the village with his arm out waving the whole way, and there it was, he was gone. John probably knows me better or as well as anyone on this earth and I think that has been the root of the joys and our fustrations together over the last 8 months. Over all we probably act like brothers more than anyone else we know, rolling our eyes at each others habits, but sharing a deep sense of identity together, knowing that were both intent on the goal, and journey. His leaving is a shame, an end of an era, and at the same time just another day but I know that God blesses a life given to glorify him where ever it is, Im glad for all our sakes that God's will is not a tightrope but at the same time he knows exactly what were about to do. This type of openess on a blog makes me cringe a little as I click "post" but its a good a place to process and dump as ever.


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