Wednesday, April 26, 2006

In other News...

Well, Hello, No I havent run away again but work comes first Im afraid and I thought also Id leave some space to get some feedback on my it turns out not so short comment on ephesians part I and II. I will give the penultimate part right after this essay (which I should finish today, correction I need to finish today) But In other news I am reading the RSS feeds and google reader has this great starring system which you'll know about if you use gmail, where you star your favourite posts. Then Ive set up a postroll which I mentioned about a week back, a new 1 or 2 posts come up most days, and more and more are coming from Jesus Creed, partially I suppose because of the frequency of Scotts Posts, but its really good stuff none the less. Its also a helpful aggregator to see my favourite blogs to read in fact. Also Ive been playing with the beta version of coComment which you can read about here, but it dosent work for any comment systems that use pop ups, so until that time, its proving somewhat redundant.


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