Saturday, April 15, 2006

My late Good Friday post and maybe my whole easter address

CalvaryI feel somewhat guilty that I have no deep theological thoughts to offer today, but beforeI begin the rest of my thoughts through that guilt, I want to outline how unbelievably grateful I am that the God of Israel sent his only son to die on a cross for me a wretch, but then gloriously turned it round to conquer death and hell so that I could be free for eternity. I can't even begin to describe what that means to me on the 2Dness of a webpage. Yesterday, when most Churches were having prayer meetings (as well they should) our church held an open mic night in the cafe of our church. It was a great evening with loads of community building time for the people in the church and for loads of people that don't come to church. It was really great to hear comments by people who don't are unchurched to say stuff like, "I never though churches did stuff like this" and "this is what church should be enjoyable" The evening was also important for the church, as church needs community....the mission of the church is to become a community that affects the community. To break that down we need to be a genuine loving community IN the church in order to look out of the church and be a genuine witness, and events like last night I think really build that. I sometimes wish that the church I'm involved in was (if this is not too much a vague term) a bit more liturgical, a bit more full of tradition, which maybe to some may sound strange, but over arching all of that Im glad more than anything that Im in a church that is trying to be REAL to the people inside and outside its walls. When I think of Jesus, when I act out the scriptures in my head, I see Jesus with this authenticity, this REALness that can connect to the common man, better than the existing religious structure. he did it radically and was pushed out of the religious circles for it. I hope I can be this selfless when I need to be radically real to someone. Listening to: My Little Empire from the album "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours" by Manic Street Preachers

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