Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Islam, Jihad and Ignorance

REVISED: Since 9/11 Ive been fustrated with the ignorant talk by westerners speaking of muslims as moving as one, there is no more unity within the wide spread of the Christian Church (less in fact in my opinion) than there in in the Islam faith community. This is usually used in conjunction with terroism/suicide bombing. Since last year when I took an indepth study course of Islam in the anthropology of religion, Ive struggled to find a way to relate a more balanced understanding of Islam to people with a world view which constantly seeks to polarize its characters. I stumbled across this Blog run by a Muslim who clears up a few things, for either people (westerners) with a severly typofied and narrow perspective of Islam or Muslims who equally ignorant, believe that they are actions like 9/11 and other such atrocities are part of a holy war. Unwilling Self-Negation ยป How To Be Violent In Islam To read the laster retraction and revision of this post click here


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