Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hillsong United We Stand

"United We Stand" (Hillsong United)

Im sitting watching the bonus DVD of this great album. At first glance I love Hillsiong United stuff, as a musician I love it because they've broken away from the 3 chord pap that was churned out in the late 80's and early 90's (dont jump down my neck on that note, that was great stuff for then, but Im glad theres progression.

Hillsong United 235

My first real encounter with stuff from Hillsong was in my first year at uni. While at first I wanted to dislike this mega church hype, I was instead confronted with the fact that I could only see the good in it. Young people, ministering to other youth, songs written with gritty reality, passion and depth. From what I can see its a ministry filled with integrity and a passion to redeem culture and bring young people to Christ.....I want to fight it and find a million reasons I can snigger self righteously but Im impressed Cul 20040812 United1Hillsong has a great commitment to the local church making an impact in its community. Something I thought on for a while was, how can they pour money out on to great big lighting rigs, camera cranes and the like. Well, I guess although I can think of reasons such as poverty, hunger, and disease that it could have been spent on, but then I thought are they being good stewards of it, well Yes they are, they are fulfilling their vision and commitment and giviing it the best they can. I remember Matt Redman saying that when he came back from Hillsong Australia he was thinking that fireworks and the like were a bit over the top, but when he asked the guys at Hillsongs they said basically they were committed to Glorifying God in an extravagance that spoke of the extravagance he has poured out on us. Anyway want to buy this cd/dvd go here, want to check out united (their youth ministry) go here, want to see the Church in Sydney, and closer to home London click here

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