Thursday, March 02, 2006

Snow, Snow, Snow

highstreetleft.jpgWell I keep mentioning it in my posts, how Im not going to Uni because of the snow, how the snow is still coming. Well its started snowing a few hours ago pretty heavily and hasnt stopped yet, so this is "good dump" as the snow yuppies call it we were told was coming. On Saturday John and I are setting off to the slopes in Scotland to do some snowboarding. John spent a week in France recently and got the bug and so this will be my first attempt at it. outofthewindow.jpg Anyway here are a few photos for you from the last few days of snow. nothing spectacular just a few snaps. garden.jpg This was our Garden this morning, and it hasnt stopped snowing yet so its getting fuller. johnafterlunch.jpg Yesterday I met John out of work and went and has lunch, there was a freak snow storm and he didnt have a coat, heres the result!

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