Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blog Titles

Well Ive been playing around with photoshop, and have come up with a new title (see above) its got a couple of influences, the background is from the new sony bravia advert which has the Jose Gonzales Song that I blogged about before. The text is kind of influenced from the bloc party album front cover Anyway, I photoshopped a few of the balls to show over the I looked back over the titles, over the last 3 years Ive had about 18 titles, they've definatly had a different feels to them. Anyway I thought Id upload them and mention something about them as some of them took quite a bit of time- byrnesylogo17 byrnesylogo18This one had a quote on it for Napolean Dynamite with a crazy contrast turn up on a picture of the bass guitar byrnesylogo16This one was a quick solution to get rid of the one before! Its a picture of some kind of squirrel I took at the grand canyon of all places byrnesylogo15Heres a picture of some of youth and us at some dunes near st combs called "the pot" byrnesylogo14A picture of a farm near pennan, north east scotland byrnesylogo13 St Combs beach were I sampled some of the colours in the picture and used the for the text. byrnesylogo12This is one of my favourite ones, just for its simplicity, the blurred photo of us playing at worship practise. byrnesylogo11Aberdeen Skyline with the text skewed and put on the crane byrnesylogo10A picture of my uni halls room, the font had a drop shadow. byrnesylogo9This is pretty naff, a candle on its side byrnesylogo8Outside the Theology department at Uni (not on purpose infact) byrnesylogo7 This was a cool sunset outside of church one evening. The text is mostly taken from the blogs before byrnesylogo6Picture of music at church, samme picture as blog title before but the text took me ages coz I did every letter one at a time byrnesylogo5hate this streched lettering, not a favourite byrnesylogo4An attempt at an artsy shot in the library with my old camera, concept didnt quite get realised here byrnesylogo3A photo of aberdeen leaving on a boat to orkney byrnesylogo2The first title (that wasnt just text) a picture of the meeting in trafalgar square after the Soul in the City event 2004, the defining event of that summer really. Anyway this more than anything is to preserve it for me, and my graphics type friends out there....sorry for the rest of you, who probably see this as self indulgent


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