Friday, February 17, 2006

Yey Im not addicted to Coffee

My friend Bex came to the realisation she was addicted to coffee!...well Ive often thought the same myself, on sundays it used to become ridiculous Id be up too late on Saturday then literally by 9pm have drunk about 13 cups of coffee, and not even good stuff, the british stuff made from dust and grit! 173 It must be said though I do feel better after a good coffee it just seems to make the world a sunnier I a bad person?? saying all this Im fairly assured I dont have an addiction to it as after those crazy sundays Ive now cut down and I can go a whole day without having or thinking I need coffee, so this is the assumption that helps me sleep. Pp000001678Although the possiblility of good coffee in my life has significantly risen with the purchase of this brilliant expresso maker thingy that goes on the the hob with water in the bottom and Coffee in the middle, then all the water boils and it goes to the top in the form of sweet life juice! And thanks to an awesome valentines present from Rachel I get to fill it with this!!!! Jablumlrg Anyway the conclusion is.....Coffee is great, dont get addicted

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