Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Exams, Flu, Banksy

I had my first exam today, it went really well, Im pretty assured of a pass. So thats great thanks to all who were praying for me. I have another tomorrow and one the next day both at 9am til 11am. Im dreading tomorrows and for the amount I understood of the course I probably deserve to fail, but I really dont want to have to retake it! Another very cool answer to prayer I had yesterday was a flu which was coming on (or so I thought) that Jane just got over and Lindsay has gone down with, has cleared in one day, completly supernaturally! Thank God for that! I really didnt want it for my exams or for my trip home to Cornwall. Just had a quick read of Banksy Wall and Piece that Dave Smith just bought, really awesome stuff heres a piece of art he drew on the Palestine segregation wall You can see some of his other stuff over at He speaks about this old palestinian man he spoke to: Old Man: You make the wall look beautiful with your graffiti Banksy: Thanks Old Man: Its a Bad thing, we hate tjhe wall, Go Home


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