Saturday, January 07, 2006

Christmas in retrospect

Well, unfortunately for both me and you I dont have any profound Christmas truths to unpack, I dont really know anything about the big pagan/christmas was actually inn september debate thing, Its not really all that important. But I had an awesome time over was a bit like all the community that has been built over the last year or so living here really was tangible, if Im even using the right word. At any rate I had a very community centred Christmas...which was great coz I love them all. The only draw back was I didnt have a family Christmas, and for everyone (3 now) I feel the urgency to go home to cornwall and make they know I love them! Over Christmas, my best friend John and another really good friend Jane were all "alone" for Christmas (cant you hear the violins of sympathy) so decided to spend Christmas day (Wow that sound much more tragic than I remember it). At any rate we arranged to give each other Stockings (in denial of not being at home and surely surely still being young enough to get one) and had arranged to all bring family tradition that we had to honour over the Christmas period. Just before Christmas we got an offer from a family in the Church "The Fyvies" to go for dinner, now we were quite amused to cook ourselves, but it was a really good offer as we are all really good friends with the Fyvie family and knew Susan would cook an absolute awesome dinner! So we decided Christmas morning was at our house opening stockings and presents and then at 1pm off to the Fyvies (who also have their own castle check it joking)! So my Christmas period ran something like this: Christmas eve: We had a few people over, Carollers came to the door, we made eggnog and Gillespie brownies, Oreos, dougnuts, quality street IMG_6677.JPG ...and watched Robin Hood Men in Tights 77137735 09B7371F07 M Christmas Day: Woke up at around 8:30 and went for a shower, by the time I got out Jane had come over, we made awesome pancakes with maple syrup and bacon which is just amazing, but very filling, then we opened our stockings, the guys (bless em) did the dishes while I did the ET thing and phoned home 77142065 Ae783F6D66 M Also as a surprise I got Janes family to email me christmas messages and they even sent a Christmas video, but we wont even go there. Crazy Orcadians Then to the Fyvies, for lunch...mmmm IMG_6888.JPG So basically that was my Christmas, Apart from Boxing day which was a very nice Christmas after touch, where I asked Rachel who Ive liked for a good while out....I feel like a Grade A geek to blog that but it had to come into the narrative somehow! Sorry to anyone who didnt hear through the grapevine and feels like I should have told you...Ive not been over vocal about it, just let it travel like gossip!

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