Saturday, January 07, 2006

What a Night

man what a night, everybody came over and we had a nice green thai curry with cous cous and salad type stuff, a meal making process that was full of stress for me for some reason but after sitting down and getting out of that I was fine! Caught up with Lindsay who had been away for the Christmas period. Then we sat down to watch some of the Live8 DVD I bought John for his birthday

"Live 8 [2005]" (EMI Studios)

But the real news of the night is our real good friends Emily and Stuart (My Girlfriends brother) had a baby after a long labour time....anyway after all that Emily and Stuart Fyvie had a baby GIRL on the 6th of January at 8:15pm called Elizabeth Rose Fyvie who weighs 8.5lbs.


Stuart just came home to sleep as he's only had 4 hours in the last 3 days...anyway he showed us photos and a video (of the baby by the way not the birth!!!!) Anyway I wasnt quick enough (and he looked tired) to get the photos but just thought Id let you know for all of you who know them.


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