Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Going half way

Well Im on a bus on the way to Aberdeen, and Im thinking about things and stuff..yep descriptive as ever but I was really thinking about is half wayness How ever much we strive after something I feel like we often stop half way, well maybe its just me cause I really struggle to keep my attention on one thing at a time which Is why I crash computers with loads of windows open (not macs though coz hey rock!) for example, when we see sin in our lives likes pride, or a lack of integrity we decide to deal with it, but too often I find myself not eradicating it but taking down to an unseeable level for it just to slyly emerge after a few months and find myself fighting the same battle again. Take for example my pride (which lets face it is the under lying issue im talking about for me but it could be whatever you want) I see it and try and kill it but instead I just attack it until its small enough to sit un-noticed with the rest of my "small" issues (though Im coming to realize small is a relative word when talking about spiritual things) Then in a few months, up it pops again and again I take it down to its molecular level, its socially appropriate level, its church allowable level, when neither society or church were the reasons I decided to kill it in the first place, God hates our sin, where as sometimes society can love it and church can allow it! So where does this leave us, have I ever killed any of my problems, maybe not...there may be people commenting "well its always a battle" and "we do often deal with the same issues over and over again" and Im not overlooking that, I know there are things I just have to keep battling against, but I want to battle effectively against them. A few things recently Ive decided to just to become beyond reproach about, but not nearly as many as those that I decided not to become beyond reproach about. When I say beyond reproach by the way, this is how I visualize that, although the factuality of this no doubt will change....God standing before me saying "Did you do everything you could in this area to defeat footholds of sin in your life" and being able to say "I did as far as I saw it and my heart truly wanted to be set apart for the things of you over sin. Now again I know Im covered in Grace and therefore God discussing through with you your sins may not be completely theologically water tight but at the same time I dont want to live out of Grace and trample Jesus' blood in my actions to the point where it perverts it into some license to be a hedonist. So this is where I am...and thats pretty much all I wanted to say/outwork. -> THE E N D Listening to: Another Kind Of Green from the album "2005-09-07-CD1-The Fillmore, San Franscisco-7" by John Mayer Trio


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