Thursday, December 08, 2005

2 Down, 1 to Go

well Ive had a real crazy week of it, with essays. Just finished the second one. Which only by grace was a fairly easy one, I dont struggle to write on the pastoral issues side of things. But I really had to slog 2500 words out for the John study. Shame really, I guess its just how Im wired. Anyway, everything has been pretty slow on the rss feeds too, so other than reading blogs I thought of a couple of things for you to do... 1) get hold of Ralph Vaughn Williams - The Lark Ascending and close your eyes and relax for 15 minuites 2) Give someone who would appreicate it a call. Ill be back blogging more regularly after next wednesday when deadline calm down and Im too short sighted to start revising for exams!


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