Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Links aplenty

Just reading my RSS and found that TallSkinnyKiwi linked me today...thanks! Thanksforlinks 1 To check out his site go to the "elationships" tab bar on the right hand side. He's definatly got his finger on the pulse of new Church movements and is involved in the BOAZ project. he lives in Orkney with his wife and 3 (i think) children, Ive met him a couple of times, in Orkney then in Aberdeen and more than him being an emergent church leader being the motivation for you to visit his blog, he's just a down to earth missionally minded kiwi, so theres a better reason for you to read his blog. In other link related news, a few inactive blogs have been taken off my side bar and a few new ones in the friends bar have been added. As I mentioned the other day now our whole house is blogging so go see Fraser over at My adventures in communication, and Jacko the sound/bass/guitar king (hes a great guy as well as being a king at those forementioned things) at A Dynamic New Sound


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