Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wi-Fi in Mountain View

This is very cool, imagine if they did something like this throughout London. I had heard on the grapevine that they were going to do this in L.A. but maybe I heard wrong. Wi-Fi in Mountain View:
"There have been reports that Google plans to unwire the world with free Wi-Fi. In fact, though, our plan is a lot simpler: to provide free Wi-Fi to the city of Mountain View, where we're headquartered. Inside Google, people think this is a plot to make sure our Mountain View employees never stop working -- but it's actually a community outreach program. We plan to build something exciting here now that the city has approved our proposal. As I wrote in my letter to the City Council, wireless broadband has huge potential to provide inexpensive access to the Internet. Instead of trenching fiber, wireless broadband requires a bucket truck, a lamppost, and 5 minutes of installation. So look for me in a bucket truck soon!"
So my comment on this is I think it'll be the way for internet, alot of people are sceptical about Wi-fi and wireless networking in general but we have it running in our house right now and its definatly useful. My Uni also offers it free in all their buildings to students. The only bugging thing is wifi in shops etc, for example in Starbucks in Aberdeen it cost like £5 for an hour!! Crazy....anyway a nice place in Aberdeen called Kilau does free wifi with a purchase!


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