Thursday, December 01, 2005

World Aids Day 1st dec 2005

Worldaidsday I want to say something about this to day but I am way to busy...I honestly think this is the biggest issue facing human kind (opposed to salvation for sins). But Ive no time to really sit down and write out my thoughts about it because I really must write an essay, Tearfund has a good run down about why today is important : World Aids Day "In the next 60 seconds, five people will die of Aids. The scale of suffering as a result of the epidemic is overwhelming. It devastates livelihoods, communities and economies, and orphans millions of children. World Aids Day, on 1 December, raises awareness about HIV and Aids in an attempt to combat the spread of this global tragedy. Events such as prayer vigils are being held throughout the UK to mark the day." 987W0622 160 AIDS affects real people, and real communities, and its our moral resposibility to become aware of it before we are forced out of thinking of it purely as a problem for non western developing nations. It will come home, and we need to stand up and with the people who are struggling against it. Im not a big advocat for the WWJD thing, but I dont see how we (Including me/I) can run away from this as Christians seeking to impact our culture.


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