Wednesday, December 21, 2005

last few days before Christmas in Aberdeen

Im back in my old haunt from last year today "Kilau" Ive not got my USB stick with me so the photos from my old post on Kilau and that photo was stolen as well so I guess you'll never quite get my perspective on Kilau, but I am enjoying my classic Americano and toasted coronation chicken baguette. Also for the first time enjoying the wifi here!...anyway I did some shopping today in Aberdeen for some last minute Christmas stuff, and then met my cousin who I haven't seen in about 5 years Morwenna Porter. So that was pretty cool, talking about Home, Family and Music.


So now Im just hanging out until I go to see King Kong with Closer youth tonight as a Christmas church nite out! I just bought an album I had heard some of by Bedouin Soundclash called sounding a Mosaic, i saw them live i Arizona this summer, then realized I missed them in Aberdeen, so Im off to see them in Glasgow on the last day of my exams.


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