Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Music and Romance

I feel a little unwise blogging as I am meant to be studying the reformation right now, before I go to work (at the church so its not all that bad!) Im sitting at home just now listening to my soundtrack for the last week or so Jose Gonzalez, if your from the UK you might recognise him from the advert where all the balls come down the street. Anyway its great acoustic music from a guy from scandinavia not latino america as his name suggests - Jose Gonzalez So recently life has been ful, of early Uni lectures, Kids Work, Worship practises and of course spending time with my lovely Girlfriend. Who in fact since you asked gave me my first ever Valentines Card yesterday (aaaahhh) I know I know, 20 and getting my first valentines card! And again Yesterday??? I hear you say. Well were both working at the church today and she had yesterday off so we moved Valentines day (wonder if the Saint Calendar Observers think thats sacreligious) anyway, we went out for a really really nice meal at Pizza Express (which is not quite as fast food trashy as the name might suggest). Anyway I also got some great valentines gifts, some really nice cologne and some Jamaican Blue Moutain Coffee, which is officially surely the best in the world. I visited the factory in the Blue Mountains and if was amazing. So thats life just now, I preached last week on Matthew 5 The Beatitudes which was quite the roller coaster ride but went well. I have a few thoughts that at some point I may blog but for now, its just a life update....


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