Thursday, January 26, 2006

Trip Blog 1 : Aberdeen -> Preston

Just a quick update on my trip down to cornwall....we got to Preston last night and had one of he best long haul drives we've had. Loads of laughs about things which were just not funny, plenty of toilet, and breaks. We didnt get too lost anywhere, but we did tempt ourselves to go eat out for dinner, but everytime we saw somewhere we had driven past ad we said "oh we'll wait until the next one" and we pretty much did that until we got to Preston, so Petroleum was the only expense. Oh apart from we got stuck for about an hour on the far side of Aberdeen in late rish hour and literally didnt move for about 20 mins so I decided "Ill just jump out the car open up the trunk (on John's bosses sweeeet 4x4 pickup truck) and grab the CD's as I soon as Id fiddled my way through the 7 or 8 locks t get in and found John's CD's the traffic was moving and we were sitting in a dual carriage way with me running around the car with CD's!!! typical! Havent taken any photos or Id make this post a little bit more pretty but no. One stroke of genius I got (after buying the Hillsongs DVD+CD album More than Life was to get a little tape to mini jack convertor at ASDA on the way out of Aberdeen and hook up my laptop so we had in car entertainment in the car playing a DVD with surround sound in the car!...pretty cool, John watched the whole thing and we just trusted the Lord to guide the car (ok....maybe not!) So we arrived in Preston and met a couple of old friends the our youth group by this time it was about 1am...and we just caught up for a while then John and I got into that crazy tired mood of everything being unbelievably funny: It kind of started with talk about wedding lists and stuff, we were saying how funny it would be to have one at PRIMARK, PC World, or Oxfam, then I thought of Banardo's (UK Thrift Store) and we just couldnt stop laughing in a house of sleeping people ooops, we just though how funny it would be: - Brown Glass Lampshade - 25p - Granny Sofa - £15 - Cutlery Set £2.50 etc etc you get the idea we were being middle class snobs and finding ourselves hilarious. So thats us, today we have a wedding at 1pm, which I forgot to bring shoes for and so I have to make a trip to ASDA (Oh Faithful friend) and pick up some cheapo shoes, thatll teach me to laugh at the friendly folks at banardos eh!


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