Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mac Down

Im down in Cornwall just now staying with the family and seeing some old friends. I went to a great wedding in Preston over the weekend and I blogged it a bit (offline) but as they say in the war movies "mac down, mac down" OK thats man, and thats also a terrible joke, but if it wasnt enough that Im away from Rachel for a week now they've taken my iBook...some kids jumped on it when I was in preston bending the DVD drive which meant my DVD got stuck in. Anyway its in the local Apple store getting fixed over night, no good now that Im trying to act like a couch potato and watch the OC series 1 and 2. Anyway I have a few posts waiting to go up once my iBook finds some wifi action but cornwall is still in the pre broadband years never mind wireless networking (Im a geekster!) Also: I just noticed this blog looks crap on AOL, so dont use it...I know its got good tech support. but come your own browser


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