Thursday, February 16, 2006

Domain Linking

Not sure why this may be of interest to anyone if fact but its just an observation. Originally I bought up (well more rented really) and for email purposes as when I lived with my mum (yeah Im a yungun) we were endlessly changed ISP and webmails too dodgy. But when I got into a bit of web design I though ahh use the forwarding for that too. Now in order than people could link to individual posts, I didnt cloak the blogspot address, I just used the URL's to forward to the blogspot address. I wrongly presumed really that If I ever changed my blog to wordpress or typepad Id be covered thanks to my own domain but, if you look to the right you can see three white squares which a re technorati logos. One for But (the most expensive I might add) has Technorati Rank: 907,545 (3 links from 2 sites) Technorati Rank: 528,675 (5 links from 5 sites) and Technorati Rank: 231,864 (35 links from 13 sites) Now I dont care about technorati rankings or anything, but its going to be bad news if I ever move from blogger!...what a pointless post you must be thinking but it does say something about information aggregation sources on the internet, that it will always be the source that is used. Ah Well


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