Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Anabaptist Reformation and MySpace

Well again I feel rather accomplished today as I have, for the first time I might add, actually read the texts for my Reformation lecture tutorial. The first one I didnt prepare for, some kind soul in my lecture who I didnt know very well decided to ask me whether I had done the reading while I was sitting next to the lecturer, I tried to slyly say No, but he saw and said "HGere's not the place you want to sit if you havent done the work...!" eek, anyway today is reformational anabaptists (today probably best seen in the mennonites) and I read a couple of things. Also for anyone who is interested I have been playing about with that MySpace thing, not just a craazeee teenager thing apparently as since I signed a bunc of friends from school, and the states have found me.... Meanwhile I also feel accomplished that Ive managed out of my bed at 5:45am for the last two days to get to lectures. Anyway got to go.


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