Monday, February 20, 2006

Immoral iTunes listening

Ipod I recently found what I thought (and maybe think) is quite a good loophole in my Uni's wireless network. When I connect my iBook to the University network and open iTunes I get everyone else on the networks music collection at my disposal. How I hear you cry, well the default setting in iTunes is to have open sharing on your library and less technically literate wouldn't have touched that kind of setting leaving their music library open to everyone and anyone. This in one respect isnt maybe as bad as it sound as you dont take the music you just stream it, play it remotely, so I listen to it (like im doing right now) but it reads it off their hard drive and streams it across the network. Recently, not to take any particular moral stand but because other people found it a stumbling block so to speak, I deleted all the music on my computer that I hadn't personally bought, and so I wonder is this just a return to my commitment not to do that. Its not necessary killing anyone, though I imagine that its (inexplicably for them) slowing their computer down because Im reading their hard drive making it work twice as hard.mmm, what to do, it is quite nice to have other peoples(often huge) music libraries at my disposal. Also you may have never noticed but a while back I stuck a "What Im Listening to right now on" button on the side bar which I thought was a pretty cool function, anyway Im bored of it now and so the same people who made that also have a your top 10. So the program collates every track I listen to then creates the Top 10 Artists for that week. That way the majority of the time the button wont say "now Offline" like it used to.

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