Sunday, February 19, 2006

Flying Home

I wrote this a few weeks ago but my iBook internet connection died until just now! _______________ So this will be my first ever blog post at altitude!...Of course Im not posting it but Im here on a little internal Air Wales from Plymouth, stopping at cardiff and newcastle and arriving at Aberdeen, where Im very excited to see Rachel and the rest of the st combs guys! 19775664 06Bef70172 M Anyway I have to pace myself in that respect as its only 12:55 and I get in at 4:30ish. I planned to blog a bit more over the time I spent in Cornwall, in between my exams and the start of the next semsester. Its been a whistle stop tour but I got to see alot of people for the time there. 100518042 B6F98B33E3 M First of all I drove down to Preston with john to Morgana's wedding which was an expensive but great weekend, seeing Lucy, Daisy, Pete and Angie and Mark was brilliant. Then I drove down with Mark, Lucy and Jo snell (via Bristol) listening to some classic old Ska music! After which I spent a couple of days with the family in their new house out in St Veep (near lostwithiel & Lerryn for your Cornish). That was a great pasty filled experience hanging out with my sister and Mum...going to trago and doing all other good cornish things, and it was great to spend some timewith hayley (my sister) after not getting back over Christmas....though she did get me addicted to the OC, something that Ive formerly written off as a crappy American teen drama (ok it is actually that) but I watched some of the first series and now find myself trapped in the OC world narrative, while everyone else is moving along in Series 3 (currently being shown in the UK) im wondering what happens next in Series 1! 100533463 3Baad411A0 M In between moving around cornwall this week Ive spent a couple of nights at Mark Davy's house and a few car rides with him, and really enjoyed talking about church and friends that was an added bonus to coming down, he also gave me a lift to the airport, bought me lunch and gave me a word, and hopefully him and a few others will be coming up in march some time. While I was home I also got to spend a morning with Paul Adams,playing guitar, sharing songs, and him fixing the intenation on my strat was brilliant, and Pam (his wife) cooked me a great pasta dinner just before we went out to a house group from Grace community Church who are Church planting in Torpoint. They are also the house group that support John and I in prayer as missionaries from the Church. I had a great time with them, worshipping and telling them about the Church in St Combs. The last few days have been spent at my home in morval with the Gillespie's which was a sweet but far too short stay. I was honoured with the guest room (johnnys old room with the double bed for anyone who remembers) and ate Tessa Gillespie's Pizza one night and John Gillespie Jerk Chicken, and Curried Chicken the next night so awesome gastronomical experiences all round really! It was also great to spend time with Jesse Foot, Bo, Jake, Beth (the soon to be Gillespie) and Ben. So that is a round up of the week really...long post and probably boring for the most of you, but I write to preserve my own memories if nothing else! 19774138 9E0F23Efab M Further on now in the journey, just making our descent into Aberdeen...Ive had a great (redemptive for Air Wales) flight compared with the last time I flew with Air Wales, I have the emergency exit row at the front, my Sony earbuds are doing there job creating great sounds from dave Crowder Band and cutting out a good amount of engine noise, my iBook is giving me great battery life, watched some DVD. Read this months copy of MacWorld (well the interesting bits anyway) then when the trolley came round, I asked if the stewardess sold Chewing Gum she said No but she had some in her bag she'd bring me! nice...then when I tried to pay fro my coffee with a £20 she said she didnt have any change and not to worry about it!...pretty sweet thanks Helen (the air stewardess)...just going through cloud level now so Im going to pop my iBook on the seat next to me and enjoy DCB as we land.

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