Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Births out of wedlock 'pass 40%'

Births out of wedlock 'pass 40%': The percentage of children born outside marriage leaps from 12% to 42% from 1980 to 2004, a report says. Should this be something we as Christian fin scandalous, im not sure but i read it with akind of "Oh well I saw it coming" But I guess what it kind of does say is that 40% of kids are being born into potentially unstable families, now I know there are a lot of variables. And I think basically I would happily and stand and argue for marriage as first a biblical model but even as something that sociologically is effective in secular society. So maybe this should 'offend' me more than it does, but I am slow to feel scandalized and am very slow to want to be the moral majority. No one needs my morals pressed on to them, what I think they really need is Jesus, not someone telling them that they shouldn't live like that. So Yes, its a problem, I grew up in a single parent family and know that the non perfect model of 2 adults and 2 kids can be overcome, but I think there are some definate advantages to the Mum and Dad scenario, and for them not to be (hypothetically) willing to commit, if not spiritually then legally to life partnership then that leaves some question as to whether they are comfortable enough in that relationship to raise kids. Just a quick thought on the news

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