Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Snow and seasons

Uk Summary 06022812Well we've got some serious snow today!....I guess aboout 3 inches at least, at any rate our road still hasnt been gritted so I didnt go to Uni today and Im trying to get some work done beforeI try and get up to church. I havent seen this much snow in at least a year, so its cool, but I really want some good snowboarding trousers to go wiith my sweet jacket as I think thats my area of weakness right now. I dont really live in my head in "seasons" like many people mention but at the moment everything seems to be changing for people around me, people dying, relationships dying, and constructs that Im used to. I hope I havent become too comfortable to be ready for a change closer to home. So Lord as is snows around me, keep me trusting you that you watch over me and the people I love and teach me how to glorify you with my life more and more. Listening to My Oh My - David Gray (an Old favourite

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