Thursday, February 23, 2006

MacBook Pro: First day, first Lab tests

These days being an avid Appleowner (iBook G4) I have fallen into the world of apple technology love. Yes Ive got a whole folder of RSS feeds that are tracking the Mac World (no pun intended) seeing what the new iPod looks like etc. Anyway being but a humble iBook user, with an aspiration to be a powerbook user, the new Macbook Pro is my new elixir. If you cant be bothered to read the whole story here are what I see as the main points - MacBook Pro works just like any Mac, and a good deal of programs run on its intel based prcessor, Rosetta conversion software does the job for all the rest until all the software becomes converted - No 12" Version yet - Mag safe power cable seemsto be a great idea, intelligently realising when its connected to the MacBook and releasing its magnetic seal when the cable takes a fierce pull, eg someone tripping over it, which it seems in the past has been the end of many an apple portable, though not me fortunatly - It seems to heat up much in the sameway as the powerbook - Remote control and Front Row are now regulars on G5 systems So thats that....we can only dream ;) Macworld: First Look: MacBook Pro: First day, first Lab tests


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