Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Actors, Politicians and Priests

I just had an interesting memory: My Grandparent were quite religious (or at least in seasons of their lives) yet there faith how ever much I try to have inclusiveness feels alien to mine. At any rate, my family considered themselves to be a good british Christian family and therefore I was baptised (not christened interestingly) in a local parish church. The Church of St Winnow in fact which is really beautiful. The guy who baptised me died while I was still young, he was some what of a local hero, especially in the eyes of my grandparents who I think were church wardens (mini deacons) anyway the guy was called Canon Miles Brown. My Grandmother, once said to me that he said. "People like me are made, and we either become Actors, Politicians or Priests" This collection of jobs seemed interesting to me, but in my time I've dabbled in the first two and ended up in the last! I certainly didnt find the last two even vaguely attractive when I was told that in my early double numbers! Thinking of it though, its slightly worrrying that Actors (people who are basically good at being ungenuine) Politicians (considered the biggest of liars) and Priests are all in the same catergory, well thats my short musing over.


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