Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Snowboarding in Scotland

Snowboarding in France, Whistler, Switzerland, SCOTLAND!! On Saturday I went Snowboarding for the first time, seeing as we had all this snow I thought it must be criminal not to put it to good use. John (my flat mate and general mover of transport for any such expeditions) was up for it after seriously catching the bug over in france a few weeks ago (also having all his own stuff meant it was a bit cheaper for him). Glenshee Ski Centre Shot Anyway the moral of the story is that we got up at 4am and drove to Glenshee Ski Centre. After a crazy journey we turned up to a sweet car paring spot and hired some stuff. John was jet setting in his own personal snow board gear: john Anyway after dressing up to look the part we headed for the beginner slope to see how to do it. The First obstacle unfortunatly for most of us who hadn't been before the crazy poma lifts. Basically a pole with a small disc that kind of pulls you up. Now all these left things are designed for skiiers, Skiing I was not, snowboarders have adapted ways to use the lifts but needless to say its some hassle. To add onto all of that for anyone who snowboard, skates or surf's im goofy so it was twice the problem! Up the Mountain Anyway after just about getting the lifts thing going, we decided to progress onto some blue runs, but the only problem was that it was the busiest day of the season so far so lifts were breaking down and queue's were huge! So we would wait 30 mins for a lift just for it to break down and us to go somewhere else and the whole thing repeat itself again. liftq Anyway we got some cool spills and thrills including John front flip (no joke) it was an accident that paid off well. The views were awesome. Glenshee valley Im definatly gonna try and get out before the end of this season.


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