Friday, April 07, 2006

software thoughts

I dont know how or why I still use Internet Explorer when I start up my PC but I do. Ive enjoyed safari on my iBook but not being able to tab through the windows is a pain so today as its announced that the famous renegade open source (not sure what open source is, the click here) browser firefox has clinched 10% of the browser market Im throwing my lot in with the underground and downloading it for my iBook and if that works out well then maybe even my PC too. I think the seller for firefox was that the tabbed window browser means you can have multiple home-pages, which is ideal for me as I always go to the same few pages when I get online whatever I plan to do. Because its open source, many a third party have made sweet extensions for it, which are little add on tools which make the browser even more handy and personal. Speaking of extensions, Google Labs, the research and development arm of the massive internet company google have released some nice ones. I had a good look round Google labs today, as they are churning out some great stuff. My picks at the moment are: Web Accelerator - As Far as I can see its a swish cache type thing, but enables web pages to load quicker, especially good if you have free space on your hard drive. Though it would as ever be nice to see a mac release. Google Reader - Ive been looking for an online RSS/Atom feed reader for ages, as Im running NetNewsWire on my iBook, I needed something a bitmore accesible, and this might just be it, Im going to try it out and get back to see how it goes On the way out: This isn't quite released for the public yet, though its not too hard to get a peek at, but google have just released an online page creator called non-surprisingly Google page creator, which looks like a great tool, though obviously still in the development stage. It is definatly the tool for people who cant be bothered to learn script, buy a program to make a nice looking webpage. It also seems google is going to be offering free hosting for these web pages at check it out at


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