Monday, April 17, 2006

Retraction Revision, well maybe just a clarification

I happened to re-read one of my posts the other day in light bof a comment which made me think it was maybe interpretted differently than I posted it. It was Islam, Jihad and Ignorance So just quickly Im going to add some comments on what I I can tell I wrote it in a rush. The Introduction maybe sets my thoughts up incorrectly Since 9/11 Ive been fustrated with pretty much the ignorant speak of muslims as one body moving as one. What I was attempting to say was that I was fustrated with people speaking of Muslims in blanket terms, while you can deny post modern thinking till your blue in the face, it is inconceivable that every Muslim, or given that Christian, American, White person thinks and acts in the same way. Also later on the post I mentioned my attempt at communicating a balanced perspective on subject Ive struggled to find a way to relate a more balanced understanding of Islam in a world view which constantly seeks to polarize its characters. I think here instead of "in a world view" it would be helpful to say to a World View, as Im was speaking of communicating balance and perspective on Muslims to those who seek to stereotype. So I hope that cleared a few things up. ORIGINAL POST HERE


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