Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ill be right back

Just dropping in to say Im busy, busy studying for exams in two days (Monday and Friday) Thanks to everyone who offered supporting comments on the blog, email and over the phone about Alex. There making a film about Kyle Lake, both the trailers are shot beautifully and it is a tribute to a great man of God ( My iBook, after much verbal amrwrestling with apple is being fixed! yey!...but right now Im stuck with my desktop and the crappy blogger editor which never inspires me to blog. I think Part I&II of Ephesians study is all your getting as I ran out of steam on that project, but maybe it will be helpful to someone at some point. I also may endeavor to dump to knowledge on Romans that Im collecting, which no doubt will fly away shortly after my exegetically based exam. Apart from that, Im using the Google Reader Favourites bar alot, check it out on the right, it gets updated pretty much daily with the best posts Ive read. Also check out great project! nb. sorry for the 1Dness of this post but all the button seem to be broken for links and pictures. Sorry


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