Thursday, May 11, 2006

A few notes on my life at the moment

Alot of peoples live are turning upside around me, and I feel like Im waiting for my bombshell to hit. Though I am quietly assured that God's plan for me will bring me to the trials when I need them. John moved out of our house last week, and I think God's been graceful in keeping me busy which has meant I haven't missed him in any painful sense. Fraser has/is moving upstairs to John's old room which is nice not to be rattling around up here on my own. Im listening to Creed Human Clay which all in all isn't a great album but reminds me of being mid-younger teens at Johns house, good times, and here we are who would have guessed it. I also got some bad news today, my iBook has been on the blink and wont come out of sleep mode, crossing my fingers hoping that it was something small didnt quite work, basically the repairs (I got the quote this evening) is more than I paid for the iBook 6 months ago, the logic board has gone £370 then £175 service charge. So that is a real shame but I am also preparing to give a sermon on worship for the last couple of days and having my mind in that place of not considering 'stuff' very important Im not devastated, though it's a shame to leave the lovely world of apple so abruptly.


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