Monday, July 10, 2006

Spurgeon at Altitude

Im just on my way to Cornwall for Jakes Wedding (my best friends younger there's an event that makes a 21 year old feel old!) Im reading some stuff on the flight down from a book I bought called "Selections from the Spurgeon Sermon Archive" its part of the relevant publications "foundations of faith" set which I picked up. Because I checked in pretty late and so the closest seat I could to Rachel was the middle of three in front of Rachel, so were doomed to lonely travel for an hour or so til we get to Heathrow, so a bit of reading was in order. She's very much against me using this holiday as a reading fest so maybe its good that I get most of it over and done on the plane sitting away from her. Anyway I was reading a brilliant part of the first sermon in the book which is on the Immutability of God delivered January 7th 1855: "...his strong love stands like a Granite rock, unmoved by the hurricanes of our iniquity. And Blessed be his dear name, He is unchanged in his love. When he first wrote the covenant, how full his heart with affection to His people. He knew that his son must die to ratify the articles of that agreement. He knew right well that he must rend his best beloved from his bowels, and send him down to earth to bleed and die. He did not hesitate to sign that mighty covenant; nor did he shun it's fulfillment, He loves as much now as he did then, and when suns shall cease to shine, and moons to show their feeble light. He shall still love on for ever and ever..."


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