Monday, July 24, 2006

Going back to work, Big Decisions

Today I went back to work! I forgot what it was like to get up so early that by the end of the day you forgot anything you did at the start. While being away I had some decisions to make about the future and what my vision was for the future, andmore to the point the route I was going to take to arrive at the realization of that vision. I've been leaning (i think) that we are not always going to take the most direct route to the things most important, or put better, the way we thought was the direct route isn't always so. In coming to those conclusions the decision was somewhat taken from me, and I get a decision by the end of the week. Ill be less cryptic as it all unfolds, but I would definatly appreciate prayer as I make some big decision this week, that I would be heavenly/kingdom minded and be of earthly use, and to make the right decisions, and more than all of that I would glorify God in my heart throughout all of it. Also be praying for my great girlfriend who's in even more of a predicament as this period of her life comes to an end and she has no clear direction or inclination for the next year.


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