Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Soft Drugs dont hurt anybody

This is a way too common perception of drugs such as cannabis. As a teenager "softer" or Class C drugs are seem as harmless recreational pasttimes and commonly cited to be less harmful than alcohol. When set next to Alcohol this may be true but sometimes, you have to look further than yourself. People have tried to argue against cannabis citing the psychological problems it can cause but this article actually calls anyone out there doing cannabis to look beyond themselves. Not to be so concerned with number 1 ( a pretty common characteristic with any drug user) Read this Guardian report of UK Cannabis Farms and the Vietnamese Children illegally trafficked to be the foot soldiers of them Cannabis farms spread to the suburbs "Officers are also eager to locate the Vietnamese criminal chains coordinating the farms, which are often linked to people smugglers.....The use of trafficked children as "gardeners" inside the factories is of particular concern to child protection groups. "We were first aware of Vietnamese children trafficked for cannabis factories in 2003 when a case was reported in Sheffield," said Christine Beddoe, from Ecpat, a coalition of children's charities. "Since then we have learned that this is a UK-wide problem, with cannabis houses regularly raided." Last week the Guardian revealed that children trafficked into Britain to work in cannabis factories were among a number of failed asylum seeking children for whom the Home Office is drawing up plans to return to Vietnam." Check out Protest4.com who are working for Justice for people who are brought into the UK in SLAVERY, and offer to HELP Human-trafficking causes slavery. Protest4 exists because millions
are silenced through this injustice. Protest4 is one point at which we
can unite our voices and actions on their behalf in the protest for a
more just world.


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