Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Semantics of Christian Healing Part 1

Yesterday I pondered with 5 others guys in a class room, the healing miracles of Jesus, and the concepts around Christian healing (Semantics: refers to the aspects of meaning that are expressed in a language), people shared there about their own experiences, and within such a small group there was amazing stories around healing and its different occurances. Two of the most interesting, impacting and notable stories where about Mothers, One student's Mother died from Cancer last year and detailed how there was healing in her life but not a cure for her condition(I will talk about this later) and the second was a Mother who had been inflicted with M.E. for over 10 year but then was healed miraculously and completly! Both Stories glorified God in their own ways and both gave us real, tangible food for thought when looking at Christian Healing and its connotations. We tried to pin down a description of Christian Healing, and couldnt come to a consensus around any particular concept around healing, but I came to my own conclusion that healing is based around reconciliation, although this conclusion is a work in progress! By Reconciliation I mean the concept that the pain inflicted (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental or social) is removed from affecting the inflicted. Within this description there is an under lying clause that healing is not alway a cure. In many cases of illness, particularly in my mind is emotional hurt, the infliction can not be healing as thoroughly as we view physical infliction and therefore the individual can be healed by moving away from the source of pain and being reconciled to something greater. This is not a quick fix, or straight removal of the source of pain, which could be an incident, a conversation or even a person but for the Christian, Christ can overshadow the pain with his love, and be a greater influence on the persons emotional wellbeing than the pain originally inflicted.


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