Friday, October 13, 2006

I need to lighten up

Its Friday the 13th and I am 100% not superstitious, but if I wasnt afraid that like so many bloggers before me I would get fired for letting you know the craziness that is happening at work today (and at 330am last night!).....needless to say I am 3 BIG cups of Coffee in, and the admin girls bought me a kitkat. Meanwhile while the Scottishg Oil Industry goes crazy I cant stop thinking about my automobile. Rachel, beloved, trusted, faithful, safety concious girl friend past her test a couple of days ago. Having passed my test a few months ago I knew the best congratulatory present I could get her (bar buying her a car) is to insure her (which is a bigger deal here in the UK than elsewhere) on my car. So to give her the best of it, today I passed up the independence and comfort of transport, grabbed a lift with my ex-commute partner Marty Stephen and let her take the car to work. Despite the real crazy situations at work right now, and my complete trust in Rachel's driving (shes probably 3 times safer than me, but shhh dont let her know I said that) I cant help but worry that right now, the alloys are being scratched against the side of the kerb, a scratch is being made down the side of the car because of parking to close, the wingmirror has been ripped off because the car was parked too far off into the road. Wo, I need to lighten, its just a car after all


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