Friday, October 13, 2006

Technology Review: Google, Google, Google

Ive alway quite enjoy web based applications, that includes email and FeedReading which is maybe more traditionally used offline after connecting to an online source. Since back in the day (mid nineties for someone my age) I used to use hotmail, BEFORE it was owned by Microsoft, and loved the fact I opened email the same wherever I went, who evers computer I used. Hotmail used to be underground, and everyone else I knew had a yahoo address. Then SPAM became a big problem and there were no other Worthy web based /free email provider, until gmail, and I love it, a very timely fusion of web2.0 and webmail. Searching for stuff, although it took my folder orientated computer comfort zone away, was great.

So, yay for google. Anyway I noticed reader when it was released in beta and got an invite, so have been using it ever since due to having problems using the RSS reader in thunderbird, Firefox's web application. Its been a good reader, if not a little simplified, but they just released a new upgrade and while its had a little teething problems (undertandable in beta pre-releases) it is something I can definatly recommend. Reading the blog post about the new release of reader and google being the guys actually producing web2.0 while others were dreaming a philosophizing about it, I notice their aspirations are moving the right direction, with their web 2.0 rating having the top end as flickr. With the release of the new Google reader, and Google's aqquisition of Youtube, brought up another bitter wound. Its one of the blips in AJAX/web2.0 history that google let yahoo! snap up Flickr. Flickr, is about the only web service outside of google, that I really live with, and everything good about it has already been said by someone else, so I wont say anymore. So moral of the story is....Google congrats on a good buy with youtube, nice job on reader, but get some kind of huge-ass bank loan and buy flickr off Yahoo please.


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